The Yoga Movement

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On a Mission to Make a Difference...

The Yoga Movement is an educational platform created to address schools, organizations, corporations & organizations across the globe on the benefits of yoga, wellness practices and meditation.

There are plenty of outlets that speak to the people who do yoga everyday, who can put themselves into crazy positions like we see on social media and TV, and who understand what it means when the instructor says "om, namaste and savasana" in yoga class.

But what about everyone else? 

Who is educating the rest on these powerful & life-changing tools?

We are.

The Yoga Movement

If we want to truly help heal our world, we need to be able to recognize when we are missing a huge opportunity to educate people on a large scale about wellness practices like yoga and meditation.

-Dr. Jodi Ashbrook

Dr. Jodi Ashbrook recently sold her yoga studio (and nearly all of her personal belongings), and has spent the last year journeying around the world to educate people of all different ages and backgrounds on the powerful benefits of the Yoga practice—a free tool that can be used to help us heal and grow in our everyday lives, to help manage stress, release anger, re-focus our attention, or find calm. Yoga can help us navigate our emotions and appreciate all of our own unique and beautiful twists and turns along our path.

Most Recent Venues Include:

  • Boston College, MA
  • Shakti Yoga, MO
  • Weymouth Club, MA
  • Urban Yoga, Bulgaria
  • Wilmington College, OH
  • Women's Fitness Club of Boston, MA
  • Tallawanda High School, OH

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