Sandalwood Candle

Sandalwood Candle


Concentrate on Positivity: Promotes heightened awareness, clarity, balance and harmony.

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Awaken your spirit with Sandalwood, the Mastermind of the cartel. The earthly tones of this grounding fragrance help your mind to explore the depths of its creative capacity, zone in to the present with a laser focus all while unraveling a clear path ahead. Lighting this fragrance is like finding a key to a locked door to a room inside your soul that holds game changing energy waiting for you to access it and put it to use. Call on this leader of the cartel to show you the path forward by deepening your intuition and giving you clarity for your future.

Join the Spirit Cartel to transform the vibe of any space with Industrial Strength Inspiration. This 16 oz soy wax candle comes in six different fragrances and will burn for 60+ hours.