Patchouli Candle

Patchouli Candle


Find Your Presence: Creates a grounding atmosphere of tranquility and well-being, and a liberation from boundaries.

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Do you feel complacent? Do feelings of uncertainty, fear or spinning with anxiety? Meet Patchouli, he’s a magic man. This magician in the cartel carries a scent that is a cure all for almost everything that ails you. Healing, opening, grounding, this guy rolls up with his toolkit to fix it all. One of his specialties is helping you feel more connected to yourself and your relationships by filling you up with feelings of stability, abundance, serenity and confidence. Be careful when and where you light this one as it is also a known aphrodisiac, so choose wisely.

Join the Spirit Cartel to transform the vibe of any space with Industrial Strength Inspiration. This 16 oz soy wax candle comes in six different fragrances and will burn for 60+ hours.