Nag Champa Candle

Nag Champa Candle


Create your own sacred space. Used in temples for centuries to create a calming effect that benefits meditation.

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Does your mind run like the ticker on Wall Street from the second you open your eyes until you finally fall asleep? Does the day go by with you feeling like you are on autopilot moving from one thing to the next? Use this peacemaker in the Spirit Cartel to calm the chaos. Light the flame and Nag Champa will slow down the world and transport you to a deeper connection with yourself and the present moment. This peace powerhouse will help you to clear, calm and purify your space so your mind can let go of the running to-do lists and chaos and drop in to a place of quiet and stillness.

Join the Spirit Cartel to transform the vibe of any space with Industrial Strength Inspiration. This 16 oz soy wax candle comes in six different fragrances and will burn for 60+ hours.