Frankincense Candle

Frankincense Candle


Upgrade Your Vibe: Clears negativity and increases uplifting vibrational energy.

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The time when you need inspiration the most is not when life is running smoothly and all of your dreams are coming true. The times that you need Industrial Strength Inspiration to take over and do the job is when everything feels hopeless, you’ve lost your way and your faith in yourself and life itself. The closest you get to feeling grounded is when your face down on the floor in a puddle of our own tears begging for a miracle to make the pain go away and for a shred of hope to reveal itself to you so you can regain faith in life once again. Invite this wise old soul of the Spirit Cartel into your space to remove blocks, chip away at your negativity and help to alleviate feelings of despair. Light the flame of Frankincense and light hope out of the darkness.

Join the Spirit Cartel to transform the vibe of any space with Industrial Strength Inspiration. This 16 oz soy wax candle comes in six different fragrances and will burn for 60+ hours.