About Dr. Jodi Ashbrook

Dr. Jodi Ashbrook is a Speaker, Author, Traveling Yoga Teacher & Serial Entrepreneur, owning & operating several ventures that offer holistic wellness education, inspiration, and professional development: ZenLeader®, Wandering West, The Yoga Movement, Elevate Higher Ed, & Spirit Cartel (launching in Spring 2019).

The Yoga Movement is Ashbrook’s global not-for-profit mission to deliver wellness tools to businesses, institutions, and studios. Ashbrook is also a traveling yoga teacher, endorsed as a Kulae DiploMAT Ambassador, driving their  “Real Good Karma” corporate mission to create a more sustainable world.

ZenLeader® is an educational platform that combines basic leadership development principles with corporate wellness strategies and tools to help corporate professionals connect more deeply to their purpose, inside and out of the workplace.

Wandering West is a research project that Ashbrook is conducting to aggregate authentic words of wisdom from everyday Americans who value wellness and are eager to share their inspirational lessons on love, light and life with the world [Documentary production pending].

As Co-Founder of Elevate Higher Ed, Ashbrook offers consulting services that help institutions advance in academics, student support, enrollment growth and improve the overall student journey.

Ashbrook has published Looking at Life through the Lesson Lenses, and is in the process of authoring her next book, which will inspire readers to follow their dreams and embrace their own unique, purpose-filled life journey, as an alternative to the conventional “beaten path”.

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Digging deeper.

At the age of 24, my life had become a string of negative thought patterns and, “why am I even here?” moments. I tried to ease my pain and find comfort in food, which lead me to an 80-pound weight gain. I found myself disconnected from all of my relationships, debt up to my ears and feeling lost about who I was and my purpose for existing. The anxiety and emptiness grew larger and the self-inflicted thoughts of feeling worthless took over and pulled me into my darkest hours one night that has changed my life forever.

As I lay there, ready to take my own life, I realized what I was missing, and wanted more than anything to connect to a purpose for being alive.

Fortunately, a force much higher than me intervened that night, and I made the decision to stop feeling sorry for myself and take responsibility for creating the life I knew I wanted. A few short months after this dark moment and making the choice to take control of my thoughts and my life, I discovered the connection in my work through a love for developing others as a leader and coach. Taking control of my thoughts and pushing myself beyond my pre-conceived limits gave me a sense of purpose and direction. However, over time, I realized I had allowed my fears to get me stuck in a rut, and I was afraid of making choices and changes I knew I needed to make in order to create the life I yearned so deeply to experience.

I have come to believe that the universe always delivers the people and experiences one needs to for growth and expansion. Just as I was becoming comfortable on my new found path as a coach and leader, the universe delivered another wake-up call that changed the way I choose to live my life forever. On day seven in the hospital, escaping death from two blood clots in the lungs, I made a promise that I would no longer make decisions from a place of fear or playing life safely. As I laid in the hospital bed, I made a commitment to myself that no matter the situation, I wouldn't live my life holding myself back with fear. I promised myself that I would find the courage to say, “yes” to taking risks and opportunities— no matter how scared I might have been… and saying “yes” is exactly what I have done moving forward.

My commitment to "yes" led me to two promotions and my first move across the country. The transition across the country and experience of letting go of everything I knew as "home" helped me to build the courage I needed to begin to let go of the extra physical and emotional weight I had become used to carrying as a method of protection . I began taking 2-3 yoga classes per week to improve my physical wellness. What began as an exercise routine became a spiritual evolution. The re-building of my self-worth continued for the next seven years, through coaching and developing leaders. I learned invaluable lessons, yet deep in my soul I longed for more. After time, I listened to that quiet roar and began writing an inspirational blog. Soon after, I launched my first business, The Be Brand® —an inspirational product line where fashion and purpose unite. Two years later, I became a yoga teacher and studio owner. Each time I listened to the call of my soul, I grew stronger and more complete. Most recently, I've let go of my beloved studio thanks to my internal call to action to hand-deliver the benefits of yoga and meditation to schools, corporations, studios and communities across the globe via The Yoga Movement.

Today, as an inspirational thought leader, yogi, business leader and entrepreneur, I am continuing to discover myself and find my path. I believe that the experiences on our path help to form us into the person we become, and guide us through the process of exploring the gift each of us uniquely have and are meant to share with the world. Your known potential is fabulous. Your unknown potential will help you to change the world. Let's discover the unknown.