Desire. Develop. Grow. Believe.

That's how Transformation happens.

Transformation starts with longing—a deep Desire to change something in your life that no longer serves you. You set an intention to transform, feeling nervous but ready to move forward with a breakthrough personally, professionally or for your holistic well-being.

Your desire triggers action—that's where I come in as your Mentor.

Together, we craft your personalized Development plan that clearly defines the path to help you achieve your ultimate goals.

As you set your plan in motion, you begin to experience self-empowerment & Growth. I will provide the tools, expertise and encouragement you'll need to reach the finish line, and will serve as a resource, confidante and Guide for every step of the way. The light at the end of the tunnel appears, as you navigate those unexpected twists and turns along your journey, and learn from your mistakes.

With Growth at your back, You Breakthrough. 

With every breakthrough you believe in yourself and your dreams a little bit more.

We celebrate your success. We recognize your earned wins, your deserved new-found happiness. We identify the next hurdle you're willing to overcome, and we conquer it together, yet again in your future breakthrough sessions.

Investing in you is the first step to your growth and personal improvement.

Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough Sessions are designed to help you discover, define and develop a direction for your life. Whether it is your career, personal wellness or your overall life goals, we will work together to elevate your skills, confidence, & spirit to achieve the life you have always wanted for yourself. 

Our work together will help you gain clarity on your ultimate purpose & where to you can BREAKTHROUGH.


Session Pricing

3-Session Package:

(3) x 60 Minutes: $175


Single 30 Minutes: $35

Single 60 Minutes: $60

12-Session Package:

(12) x 60 Minutes: $699

6-Session Package:

(6) x 60 Minutes: $350



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