The Pillars of Entrepreneurship:

Desire. Development. Growth. Belief.

Tired of keeping your entrepreneurial spirit and creativity under wraps?

Ready to break free from the 9-5 corporate role that’s holding you back from living the life you desire and deserve?

Do you have a solid business idea, but crave guidance to take the leap?

You’ve come to the right place.

The pivot to entrepreneurship starts with longing—a deep Desire to create something from scratch. You set an intention to embark on a new path, feeling nervous but ready to break through professionally to fulfill your dream.

Your desire triggers action—that's where I come in as your Mentor.

Together, we craft your personalized Development plan that clearly defines the journey to help you achieve your ultimate goals.

As you set your plan in motion, you begin to experience self-empowerment & Growth. I will provide the tools, expertise and encouragement you'll need to reach the finish line, and will serve as a resource, confidante and Guide for every step of the way. The light at the end of the tunnel appears, as you navigate those unexpected twists and turns along your entrepreneurial journey, and learn from your mistakes.

With Growth at your back, You Break Through. 

With every breakthrough you believe in yourself and your dreams a little bit more.

We celebrate your success. We recognize your earned wins, your deserved new-found happiness. We identify the next hurdle you're willing to overcome, and we conquer it together, yet again in your future breakthrough sessions.

Investing in you is the first step to your growth and personal improvement.


Breakthrough Sessions

Breakthrough Sessions are designed to help you discover, define and develop your path from the corporate realm into entrepreneurship. Whether it is your career, personal wellness or your overall life goals, we will work together to elevate your skills, confidence, & spirit to achieve the life you have always wanted for yourself. 

Our work together will help you gain clarity on your ultimate purpose & where to you can BREAKTHROUGH.

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Session Pricing

3-Session Package:

(3) x 60 Minutes: $175


Single 30 Minutes: $35

Single 60 Minutes: $60

12-Session Package:

(12) x 60 Minutes: $699

6-Session Package:

(6) x 60 Minutes: $350


What breakthrough clients are saying...

"Jodi was my manager & coach for 2 years. My conversations with Jodi would always leave me motivated and feeling better than when the conversation started. I always told her she could "talk me off the cliff! Jodi gives you advice and things that you can work on to make you even better. She would make me feel empowered to make changes or empowered to do my job rather than just telling me what to do. Even when Jodi wasn't my direct manager anymore I sought her out for coaching. It was very valuable in developing my career. She is one of the best coaches I've had in my career to date."


“I have had the pleasure of having Jodi as a mentor since 2012. Her approach to coaching is so powerful, you are guaranteed to part from a one on one feeling on fire and ready to conquer life. She has a unique approach in which she helps individuals understand what is holding them back in a deeper level. This understanding empowers one to overcome fear, set goals, and make a plan to achieve them. I always loved having my one on one time with Jodi because it is not often you meet with someone who listens so intently. She truly cares about your success, and you leave her with feelings of clarity, optimism, and excitement.” 


Ready to Get Started & Breakthrough? 

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