ZenLeader: Connecting Your Passion to Purpose

I was recently featured in an article via DailyBreak  that I highly encourage you to check out if you need to find some calm when work (and life) is seriously stressing you out. In the article, I offer some quick and easy ways to simplify the 9-5 grind, advance in your role and continue to grow into the very best version of your authentic self in business.

One of the major focus areas for this feature was finding a way to feel valued in your position by connecting your passion to purpose...easier said than done, right?

In the corporate realm, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily whirlwind of email marathons, back to back meetings, conference calls and the stressful commute to and from the office. Long hours, tight deadlines and financial pressure can mask the underlying fact that you are, in fact, making an impact at work. 

If you’re asking yourself, “What am I doing here?” on a regular basis, then it’s essential to gain a deeper understanding of your individual contribution to your organization (at any career level), in order to connect your passion with real purpose in your current role. 

Carve out some time to sit down face to face with a supervisor or a close peer to talk through your role with honesty and respect. From there, you can create tangible goals that tie directly to your desired results, and work towards those goals on a daily basis -- not just for brownie points from your boss, but for your own general sense of worth at work.

If you’re still feeling a bit unmotivated, grab a mason jar from your local dollar store and fill it with one Post-It every day listing something you’re grateful for in your current position.

Read the notes at the end of your work week and let the gratitude soak in to improve your own morale.

Check out the article for more tips on how to connect your passion to purpose, and keep an eye out for my new ZenLeader platform, launching this spring! 

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