ZenLeader: Transitioning with Grace & Openness

Photo Cred:  VS Photography

Photo Cred: VS Photography

One of my longstanding dreams came to fruition last month when I was invited to teach as a Kulae Yoga DiploMAT at the internationally known and recognized Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. 

One major takeaway from my experience that I want to share is to Transition Through Change with Grace & Openness. 

At Kripalu, I closed all of my classes with my own repeated mantra: “The real yoga begins when we make the transition off of the mat and into the world.” 

As human beings, we have a myriad of connections, emotions, experiences, and challenges to contend with. Yoga teaches us how to move through all of those unexpected twists and turns with Hope, Openness, and Grace.

Our practice on the mat, as frustrating as it can be at times, can be directly applied to how we show up and respond to difficult situations in our everyday lives.  

I always encourage my students to fully recognize without judgment what thoughts arise during those trying moments on the mat and analyze how their reactions may also align with their general response to hardship in other facets of their lives.

The most impactful lesson I’ve learned from this experience is to realize that our own expectations and emotions can obstruct our innate power to evolve into our very best selves, because we are wishing circumstances would change, rather than facing the sometimes hard truth of what is, and dealing with that head-on. The reality is, this approach can lead to suffering which is inevitable, but often necessary for enlightenment and growth.

This concept can be easily implemented in your career today. What issues are you working to move through and process right now, so that you can grow professionally and holistically?

Recognizing those challenges and understanding where you can improve is the first step you can take to elevate your emotional intelligence and become a more self-aware  ZenLeader.

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Jodi Ashbrook