For those of you who have been following me on my Wanderlust Journey, I'm sure you've caught on to the fact that I am energized by traveling, meeting new people and experiencing the world. In fact, I find it hard to stay in one place for too long (hence my new destination Bulgaria for this entire month, SO exciting!).

I have found that travel is so much more than a wonderful opportunity to take a break and have some fun. It can be utilized as medicine to heal your soul and enlightenment to expand your mind.

Here are a few ways to leverage travel as a therapeutic tool:

BE Present

Ferris Bueller once said,  "Life moves pretty fast--if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it." The same goes for travel. Trips and excursions will come and go...if you're too caught up in the logistics and don't spend time actually soaking in new surroundings, you're not going to fully experience all of the interesting pieces of your trip. So let the tendency to worry about tomorrow, last week or the to-do list go and be present in the moment.

BE Open-minded

Travel is about bursting the security bubble and escaping your comfort zone! Moving away from the familiar and discovering the unknown. Travel asks us to let go of our inhibitions, open our arms to new people and places, and to stay open-minded no matter what may come up along the journey. Although this can sometimes be easier said than done, let go of the tendency to constantly compare your current surroundings to home, and observe the unique and exciting attributes that you've never experienced before. Take it all in and enjoy it.

BE Positive

Expect the unexpected because things that are unplanned will come up. We all know the drill: planes get delayed, flat tires happen, arguments arise in stressful situations, Siri guides us in the wrong direction, our luggage gets lost, the list goes on and on. Remind yourself that travel is a unique and exciting opportunity to let go of the negative vibes and stay positive—embrace the "this too shall pass" mantra. Chances are, you'll figure it all out and have a funny story to share later on! Losing your cool and letting challenges ruin your entire travel experience is so not worth it.

BE Creative

Take photos, GoPro videos, write your highlights in a journal—do whatever inspires you and get creative! Documenting it even in a small capacity will serve as a therapeutic experience to fully understand your life travels, and provides memorable content to reflect on later as you reflect back on all of your adventures.

Most of all...enjoy the journey!


Jodi Ashbrook