Imagine getting into your car and traveling from one destination to another.

No matter whether it’s a short trip or a long haul, think of all the steps you go through to drive a vehicle. Adjusting your seats, mirrors, keys in the ignition…checking around you for potential hazards you need to avoid, the list could go on for miles.

Now, imagine this same daily activity we are all so familiar with, and applying it to how you steer yourself down the road of life.

You are in the driver’s seat. Your vehicle is life. Destination: up to you.

Here is How I See It:

1.     The road map will help keep you going in the general direction toward your destination.

2.     You need the proper fuel to keep your engine running.

3.     As the driver, you can choose to change directions at any time.

4.     If you make a wrong turn, figure out why and choose to continue on the path and explore, or turn around and go back the direction from which you came.

5.     People around you may get in the way, cut you off or challenge your direction. Keep your eyes on the destination and stay on your road.

6.     Let it be okay to get lost. Exploring new places and terrain is where growth takes place.

7.     Stay present and alert. You never know what may happen, or what you may see along the journey.

8.     The vehicle you are driving has tools to help you navigate almost any situation. Learn what tools you have and know when and how to access them along your journey.

9.     You may run out of gas, you may end up in an accident—the unknown is inevitable. When the unexpected happens, accept it, go with the flow and stay open to solutions. Most importantly, get back behind the wheel and keep driving.

10.  The ride is always much more fun with good music. Find your favorites and turn em’ up loud.

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Jodi Ashbrook